We are specialists in content, community and digital inclusion.

Entertainment lovers, we are recognized for creating and producing innovative content in live streaming.

We represent the connection of cultures with the gamer community and the best streamers in the world.

We are part of a company that seeks constant change and innovation, with unique projects for our customers, streamers and community.

Get to know a little more about the people who are part of the SL family:



An innovative leader who plays a key role with a global vision to fulfill the mission of the SehLoiro Group. He is passionate about creating unusual programs that benefit the entire community and is focused on making the company an exceptional place for gamers, musicians, artists, developers and researchers to work, learn and succeed.

President of the YGB Institute is responsible for promoting and creating innovative opportunities aligned with the purpose of the Institute.




Executive partner of business development. Responsible for driving strategic planning, growth initiatives and managing the global business, which drives growth across the Group. Leads strategic partnership opportunities, including alliances and joint ventures that align with corporate strategy.

VP of the YGB Institute is responsible for managing partnerships and business opportunities related to the Institute and developing employees who are committed to discovering young talents through digital inclusion and social entrepreneurship.




Yuri Freire

Specialist in live streaming, he is responsible for the development and management of content projects, with the challenge of connecting the community, content and streamers. Passionate about games, live streaming and digital content.





A native of Santa Catarina and passionate about the digital world, she has always been involved in activities and in technology. She is responsible for moderating the stream and her main purpose is keeping the chat a comfortable place for the entire community.


Psychologist and Counselor

Gabriella Machado

Psychologist and Counselor at the Yogamers do Bem Institute; Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Specialist; Mental Coach in Traditional Sports and Esports. Currently works with the Fúria and KaBuM E-sports organizations. Responsible for providing psychological and therapeutic support to SL Moderators.




Hello, my name is Geovane, I’m from the northeast of Salvador-BA, passionate about astronomy and technology, I’m always trying to learn and know new things about stream, chat and ways to help the community I moderate. I got to know Twitch and the world of live streaming in May 2017, and I’ve been passionate about Twitch and its communities ever since, known as the Chatbot. I like it a lot, and I try to be helpful, always helping what I can within my limitations.


Moderation Assistant


São Paulo native with a Minas Gerais way, graduating in Administration and passionate about traveling. He has been working in the digital market for years in its most varied nuances and functions. Responsible for chat moderation to keep the stream welcoming for all viewers.



Ana Júlia Capituu

Born in the interior of São Paulo, fascinated by art, entertainment and games since she was a child, she discovered in moderation a passion for interacting with the public and caring for communities. Capituu is always looking for respect and lightness, she always tries to entertain the chat with jokes and funny (or not so) comments, aiming to make a difference in someone’s day!


Social Media


Responsible for Social Media. Advertiser passionate about games and telling stories. Activist for the visibility of women and trans people inside and outside the gaming scene. Always willing to bring inclusion and evidence to the agendas she believes in and defends.



Lucca Bazooka

In love with games since he was 4 years old, he found a new passion with streams in 2012.
Now as a moderator, he seeks to approach communities and encourage interaction in the chat and in a more friendly and respectful environment.



Amanda Schermer

São Paulo, graduated in Human Resources, photographer, makeup artist and is passionate about the world of games, animals and beauty. Amanda loves helping people and learning new things. In addition, she has been following streams since 2014 and loves interacting with the community and exchanging experiences.



Henrique Bipolar

In love with Games until he met Live Streaming, that’s where he met his true love. Henrique is responsible for bringing a comfortable and fair environment to the Chat, listening and respecting the communities.




A native of São Paulo, fascinated by games, music and live-streams. He is responsible for moderating the stream, always aiming to interact with the community and help the streamer and viewers.




“My name is Thiago, I’m from Manaus and addicted to games and technology. I’ve been following streams since 2012 and I love participating and interacting with the gamer community.
Additionally, I’m dedicated, passionate about what I do and always trying to learn new things and searching for news in the gaming world, always with the intention of contributing to a better live experience for everyone.”




Born in Rio Grande-RS, fascinated by games, he found himself in the digital market and since then has found a professional opportunity. Acting in moderation, he interacts with the community that he has always been a part of, and believes that through it he will be able to help, grow and learn constantly.




Born in São Gonçalo, RJ, passionate about games since I was a child, I started getting closer to streams in 2020 and moderation soon became part of my life.

Nowadays I live esports both following, as a caster and also moderating alongside SehLoiro, always trying to find a calmer and more inclusive chat.




Fascinated by competition and sport since I was a child, I fell in love with it from the first moment I was able to monitor, care for and add to the livestream communities and the gaming ecosystem in general, always maintaining a friendly and respectful environment for everyone.




Potiguar graduated in social sciences, who fell in love with esports in 2013 and, since then, decided to make it part of her personality and won’t give up anymore, doing research and working voluntarily in the inclusive esports scene; Currently, it seeks to bring security and tranquility within communities and ensure that no one is ever excluded because of who they are.




A native of Rio de Janeiro living in SP, I fell in love with games as a child. In addition to games, I have a lot of love for streaming, entertainment and music. In moderation, I seek to bring an environment of lightness, tranquility, fun and respect above all. Through communication, I seek to get closer to communities, exchange experiences and make someone’s day better in the meantime!




My name is Yago “Vulkon” Vulcão, I’m from Belém-PA, I’m 28 years old and I’m an esports narrator and commentator, I’ve been working with esports since 2018, I’ve worked for a few organizations and today I’m working as a League Ops and Caster for local events in my city, in In my region, electronic sports still don’t have much traction but that has never stopped me from pursuing my dream, so I always try to be as proactive as possible and ready to learn something new.




Avid lover of moderation, she has been working in the field for 8 years where she started voluntarily with the immense desire to always help people and ended up becoming a job! It’s a pleasure to be working with RIOT Games, the company that created the game that has been in my life for so many years and one day I dreamed of working with it.




He discovered his passion for electronic games with Super Mario and Sonic back in the 90s and has kept it burning since then through his more than 10 years of following lives on Twitch.

Graduated in Law and Postgraduate in Criminal and Business Law, he completely changed his career to Video Editing.

Now as a moderator, he focuses on always maintaining a fair and welcoming environment within the streams so that everyone feels welcome and stays.



Wellington Haas

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, fascinated by games and technology, in 2015 I had my first contact with Live Streaming and since then I have been passionate about this world. Since I discovered moderation, a place where I can interact in other ways with the public and help other people, I’m sure this is where I want to stay.